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18 Rusholme Pl
Manchester, M14 5TE
United Kingdom


Throughout the year we send ManMUN delegations to various prestigious and exciting conferences, both in the UK and abroad. Conferences are the perfect place to put your MUN skills to the test! They also give you the opportunity to visit amazing places, network with fantastic people and win awards. Below we have created a Hall of Fame to recognise the ManMUN members who won awards at conferences this past year.

Hall of Fame 16/17

Aggarwal, Riddhi

OxiMUN 2016 - Honourable Mention

Arthey, Robyn

SheffMUN 2016 - Honourable Mention

cervara, gonzalo

ManMUN 2016 - Outstanding Delegate
SheffMUN 2016 - Distinguished Delegate
LIMUN 2017 - Diplomacy Award
ManMUN 2017 - Best Delegate Award
PUSCPMUN 2017 - Best Delegate Award                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Goury, Gaby Estelle

ManMUN 2016 - Outstanding Delegate

Hatem, Mohammed

Manchester Arab League 2017 - Best Delegate

Kaplicz, Matthew

SheffMUN 2016 - Honourable Mention
Manchester Arab League 2017 - Best Team
OxiMUN 2017 - Honourable Mention

Kyle-Davidson, Erin

ScotMUN 2017 - Outstanding Delegate

Pans, Guillaume

OxiMUN 2016 - Special Commendation

Ramzy, Nada

ManMUN 2016 - Honourable Mention

Uppal, Mohsin

Manchester Arab League 2017 - Best Team
OxiMUN 2017 - Special Commendation