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18 Rusholme Pl
Manchester, M14 5TE
United Kingdom



DISEC: Disarmament and International Security Committee
(Beginner Delegates)

Chair: Matthew Harriman-Brady
Vice Chair: Stefanos Agathokleous

Topic A: Global Drug Trafficking

Topic B: Reformation of UN Peacekeeping

UN WOMEN: Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women

Chair: Nicole Tamar Trofimov
Vice Chair: Belen López Gardey

Topic A: Women and Terrorism

Topic B: Women Empowerment through Education

UNHRC: united nations Human rights council
(Beginner DELEGATES)

Chair: Ashvini Rae
Vice Chair: Zara Raffeeq

Topic A: Immigration at the US-Mexico border under the Trump 'zero tolerance' policy 

Topic B: Reconciling Women's Rights and Cultural Norms 

UNDP: United nations development programme

Chair: Dimitra Psychari
Vice Chair: Joanne Reed

Topic A: Developing a Global Strategy on Healthcare considering disparities in gendered healthcare

Topic B: Renewable Energy and Global Sustainable Energy Systems

au: african union

Chair: Valeria Minisini
Vice Chair: Melvin Kan

Topic A: Suppressing the Threat of Terrorism in the Sahel and Sahara Region

Topic B: Institutional Reforms of the African Union

EU: European Union
(intermediate DELEGATES)

Chair: Carlos Torrado Ortega
Vice Chair: Justinus Steinhorst

Topic A: The Question of Schengen Reform

Topic B: Counter-Terrorism and De-Radicalisation

UNSC: Security Council (DOUBLE Delegations)
(Advanced DELEGATES)

Chair: Alicia Beledo de Mata-García

Vice Chair: Alex Eaton

Vice Chair: Vittesh William

Topic A: The Question of the standing army in the UN

Topic B: The humanitarian crisis in Yemen  


Head Director: Badshah Kazi
Director: Rebecca Windsor
Director: Adam Lowe
Chair: Kyle Bolan
Chair: Tobias Soar

Backroom staff: TBC

Topic: The Liberation of South America