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DISEC: Disarmament and International Security Committee
(Beginner Delegates)

Chair: Bennett Nightingale
Vice Chair: Ranjana Ravi

Topic A: The Relationship between Disarmament and Development

Topic B: Establishing a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East

UN WOMEN: Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women

Chair: Janet Wong
Vice Chair: Asmita Sood

Topic A: Sexual violence against women in conflict zones

Topic B: Women & Elections

UNHRC: united nations Human rights council
(Intermediate DELEGATES)

Chair: Daniel Worby
Vice Chair: Nghia Trong Phuoc Mai

Topic A: Freedom of Expression in Media

Topic B: Transgender Rights

UNDP: United nations development programme

Chair: Stefan Bogensberger
Vice Chair: Natalie Chung

Topic A: Sustainable Urbanisation and inclusive growth

Topic B: Democratic Governance and Peacebuilding in Developing Countries

IMF: International monetary fund

Chair: Yi Jun Mock
Vice Chair: Mohamed Hatem

Topic A: Asia in the Evolving International Monetary System

Topic B: The Evolution of the Energy Sector and How it Could Transform Tomorrow’s Global Economy

UNSC: Security Council (DOUBle Delegations)
(Advanced DELEGATES)

Chair: Katie Kapodistria
Vice Chair: Christine Deng
Vice Chair: Dimitra Psychari

Topic A: Reform of UN Peacekeeping

Topic B: Considering an Arms Embargo and other Measures to Prevent a Resurgence of Violence in South Sudan


Head Director: James Prescott
Director: Thomas Ron
Director: Zoe Braddick
Chair: Kiwan Anak Richard
Chair: Daryl Tiglao

Topic: Genpei War